Sturminster Newton Skittles League News 2018/19 


To all Captains and teams: 

The committee are receiving more and more complaints about the late starting of matches. 

This does NOT apply to every team as there are a lot of teams that adhere to the rule. 

RULE 7: All games will start by 8.30pm. If one team is not there then the side present may CLAIM THE POINTS. 

However there are some teams that blatantly go against this rule and routinely start games much later with some teams not even turning up until way after the start time. 

The committee are aware of some of the worst offenders and even after the Chairman's yearly plea at the AGM the situation is now becoming a real problem. 

It is only good manners to abide by the rule and we are sure that most teams will give a little lee way on starting matches on time. But there has to be a limit. 

The committee are concerned that many teams have young people who stick up for them. So a late start will also mean a very late finish and during mid week and term time could have an adverse effect on these young people. 

So PLEASE make every effort to start your skittle matches on time. 

The committee will be monitoring this situation and we hope no further action will be required. 


Please be aware that as AGREED at the 2018 AGM the online pre season sign up has now become a required action that all teams will have to sign up to. 



This "Signing on Form" can be filled in on line or you can print and post to the Match Secretary after the end of this season and there will be a closing date of no later than 1st June 2019. 

ALL TEAMS will still be required to attend the AGM as normal and this format will NOT change.  

Please Remember to supply all details and team members. 


We thank you for your co-operation. 

The Sturminster Newton Skittle League Committee












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